Wild Wings #13 - Moon Jelly UV

Moon Jelly UV Wild Wings are quite possibly one of the most effective and versatile lure component on the market today. We have caught limits of fish on this one pattern fished on one rod while nothing else gets touched. It doesn't happen everyday but rest assured this pattern in fishing at all time when we hit the water!

Wild Wings Spin at 100-300 revolutions per minute. The impressing humming vibration at those speeds is also felt by fish and acts as an attractant.

We have spared no expense in the design and details of Wild Wings. The inline design ensures that even a whisper of current will spin them like a top. The beads and tape we use are all UV and Fluorescent to ensure maximum visibility at any depth. More importantly, Wild Wings have the same amazing patterns on top and bottom. Most importantly, the tubing we use was designed by 3M to ensure no chaffing of fluorocarbon or monofilament leaders.

Sold In 3 Count Packages As Shown Above

Size 0: .75"
Size 1: 1"
Size 2: 1.25"
Size 3: 1.50"