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Fish for Coho / Silvers

Explore gear that entices Coho and Silvers with precision and effectiveness.

Shop Coho / Silvers Collection

Fish for Crappie

Discover mini tube jigs and more, perfect for crappie fishing in any condition.

Shop Crappie Collection

Fish for Kokanee

Find specialized lures that attract Kokanee, ensuring a productive day on the water.

Shop Kokanee Collection

Fish For Perch

Browse our selection of jigs and lures crafted for perch fishing.

Shop Perch Collection

Fish for Salmon

Access a range of spinners, dodgers, and more designed to tackle various salmon species.

Shop Salmon Collecion

Fish for Shad

Equip yourself with the best gear for catching shad, from spinners to floats.

Shop Shad Collection

Fish for Sockeye

Discover lures and setups that are irresistible to Sockeye salmon.

Shop Sockeye Collection

Fish for Steelhead

Choose from a variety of steelhead jigs and accessories tailored to catch these elusive fish.

Shop Steelhead Collection

Fish for Trout

Find an array of trout-specific gear, from spinners to mini jigs, that ensure success.

Shop Trout Collection

Fish for Walleye

Browse our collection of walleye jigs and lures designed for effective targeting.

Shop Walleye Collection

Our Shop by Species page offers expertly curated collections designed to maximize your success.

Simply click on the image of your desired species to explore collections that are optimized for your fishing adventure. Whether you're a seasoned angler or just starting out, our specialized selections provide everything you need to reel in your target catch.

Upgrade your tackle box today with species-specific gear and experience the difference in your fishing success.