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Specialty Floats Collection

Discover our Specialty Floats Collection, meticulously designed for anglers who demand versatility and precision in their fishing gear. These unique floats cater to a variety of fishing techniques and conditions, making them essential tools for both novice and seasoned fishermen.


Aero-Float  AF-9 Series
Aero-Float AF-9 Series Sale price$4.49
Aero-Float AF-1 Series
Aero-Float AF-1 Series Sale price$4.39
Aero-Float AF-10 Series
Aero-Float AF-10 Series Sale price$4.49
Aero-Float AF-11 Series
Aero-Float AF-11 Series Sale price$4.99
Aero-Float AF-12 Series
Aero-Float AF-12 Series Sale price$4.99
Aero-Float AF-2 Series
Aero-Float AF-2 Series Sale price$4.49
Aero-Float AF-8 Series
Aero-Float AF-8 Series Sale price$5.19
Aero-Float Beadmaster
Aero-Float Beadmaster Sale price$4.99
  • Diverse Designs:

    Our collection includes a range of float styles tailored for specific fishing scenarios, ensuring you have the right tool for the job.
  • Enhanced Visibility:

    Equipped with bright colors and reflective materials, these floats provide excellent visibility, even in murky waters or low-light conditions.
  • Durable Construction:

    Crafted from high-quality materials, these floats are built to withstand the rigors of fishing, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Easy Setup:

    Designed for quick and simple rigging, allowing you to spend more time fishing and less time preparing.
  • Versatile Use:

    Suitable for various species and fishing methods, from still water to river fishing, these floats adapt to your needs.


Why Choose the Specialty Floats Collection?

  • Tailored Solutions: Each float is designed with specific fishing needs in mind, ensuring optimal performance for different techniques.
  • Trusted Performance: Specialty Floats are trusted by anglers for their reliability and effectiveness, helping you secure your catch with confidence.
  • Innovative Features: Incorporating cutting-edge technology, these floats enhance your fishing experience with precision and control.
  • Increase Catch Rates: With improved visibility and functionality, these floats maximize your chances of detecting bites and landing fish.

Elevate your fishing experience with our Specialty Floats Collection. Whether targeting trophy fish or enjoying a relaxing day on the water, these floats are the perfect addition to your tackle box.