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Wild Wings - Moon Jelly Pattern

Illuminate your fishing experience with Wild Wings. This innovative lure is designed to captivate fish with its unmatched light-catching ability and vibrant underwater display.


Wild Wings #04 - Moon Jelly Chartreuse UV
Wild Wings #05 - Moon Jelly Pink UV
Wild Wings #06 - Moon Jelly GLOW
Wild Wings #07 - Moon Jelly Orange UV
Wild Wings #13 - Moon Jelly UV

Wild Wings:

  • Enhanced Spinning Action: The inline design ensures rapid spinning even in the slightest current, maximizing its effectiveness.
  • Maximum Visibility: Featuring UV and fluorescent beads and tape for unparalleled visibility at any depth, ensuring your lure stands out in all conditions.
  • Leader Protection: Designed with 3M tubing to prevent chafing of fluorocarbon or monofilament leaders, ensuring durability and longevity

Available Sizes:

  • Size 0: 1"        Size 1: 1.25"
  • Size 2: 1.75"   Size 3: 2"


Why Choose Wild Wings?

  • Exceptional Design: Crafted with attention to detail and quality materials, Wild Wings guarantees optimal performance in various fishing environments.
  • Maximum Attraction: The spinning action and vibrant colors mimic a disco ball underwater, attracting fish from a distance.
  • Versatile Sizes: Available in multiple sizes to suit different fishing preferences and target species.
  • Trusted Performance: Wild Wings is trusted by anglers for its reliability and effectiveness in enhancing fishing success.

Light up your tackle box with Wild Wings by Wild Wings and elevate your fishing adventures to new heights. Shop now and experience the brilliance that sets Wild Wings apart!