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Aero-Float Collection

Discover the ultimate in precision and performance with the Aero-Float Collection. Our premium floats are designed to meet the needs of discerning anglers, offering unparalleled quality and innovation across a wide range of float categories.


Aero-Float AF-1 Series
Aero-Float AF-1 Series Sale price$4.39
Aero-Float AF-2 Series
Aero-Float AF-2 Series Sale price$4.49
Aero-Float AF-3 Series
Aero-Float AF-3 Series Sale priceFrom $4.59
Aero-Float AF-3 Series -  HIGH VIS
Aero-Float AF-4 Series
Aero-Float AF-4 Series Sale price$5.35
Aero-Float AF-5 Series
Aero-Float AF-5 Series Sale price$5.29
Aero-Float AF-5 Series - HIGH VIS
Aero-Float AF-6 Series
Aero-Float AF-6 Series Sale price$5.35
Aero-Float AF-7 2.0 Series
Aero-Float AF-7 HIGH VIS
Aero-Float AF-7 HIGH VIS Sale price$4.99
Aero-Float AF-8 Series
Aero-Float AF-8 Series Sale price$5.19
Aero-Float  AF-9 Series
Aero-Float AF-9 Series Sale price$4.49
Aero-Float AF-10 Series
Aero-Float AF-10 Series Sale price$4.49
Aero-Float AF-11 Series
Aero-Float AF-11 Series Sale price$4.99
Aero-Float AF-12 Series
Aero-Float AF-12 Series Sale price$4.99
Aero-Float Beadmaster
Aero-Float Beadmaster Sale price$4.99
Aero-Float Bobber Doggin
Aero-Float Bobber Doggin Sale price$4.29
Aero-Float Bobber Doggin - HIGH VIS
Aero-Float Bobber Doggin- CHUBBY
Aero-Float Bobber Doggin- CHUBBY - HIGH VIS
Aero-Float Micro Bobber Stops
Aero-Float Micro Bobber Stops Sale priceFrom $2.49
Aero-Float Precision In-Line Sinkers
Aero-Float Silicone Tubing Replacement Kits

Acorn Floats:

  • Compact and sensitive, ideal for detecting subtle bites.
  • Perfect for still water and slow-moving rivers.

Finesse Floats:

  • Designed for delicate presentations and finesse techniques.
  • Ideal for targeting wary fish in clear water conditions.

Slip Floats:

  • Versatile and easy to adjust for fishing at various depths.
  • Perfect for both freshwater and saltwater applications.

Stem Floats:

  • Provides excellent stability and sensitivity.
  • Ideal for float fishing in fast currents and deeper waters.

Weighted Floats:

  • Built-in weights for longer casts and improved stability.
  • Perfect for casting in windy conditions and reaching distant fish.

High Vision Floats:

  • Highly visible in low light and murky water conditions.
  • Ensures you never miss a bite, even at a distance.


Why Choose Aero-Float?

Unmatched Quality:

Aero-Float products are crafted with the highest quality materials for durability and performance.

Innovative Designs:

Our floats feature innovative designs that enhance their effectiveness and usability.

Wide Selection:

From finesse floats to high vision floats, our collection covers all your float fishing needs.

Trusted by Anglers:

Aero-Float is a trusted brand among anglers for reliability and superior performance.

Upgrade your tackle box with the Aero-Float Collection and experience the difference that precision and innovation can make. Shop now and get ready for your next fishing adventure!