Aero-Float AF-7 2.0 Series


The AF7 2.0 is revamped to bring you the latest in Aero-Float technology, superior to it's predecessor in every way. Extensive testing, modifying, and perfecting have culminated in what we believe to be the only fixed float you will ever need. It doesn't matter if you are fishing jigs, bait, or beads in any water condition, the AF7 2.0 does it all.

*** Included with the AF7 2.0 float: 2 flame bands, 2 black bands, 2 brass weights bands.

To be clear, this is not just a float but rather a float "System". The AF7 2.0 is handmade from high density foam, carries an internal brass weight, and inline keeper tube. The craftsmanship of this float is unmatched. Notice how the keeper tube has been cut to match the contours of the float shape? This helps the float track perfectly and you won't lose this beauty if you get snagged up. We upped the game again by opting to use internal brass weight and bands so these floats can be used in Canada and the Northeast without regulation issues.

Fished without brass bands, this setup will allow you to fish an 1/8th oz jig in just about any type of water. Best used where you need a float to ride high and visible at long distances in faster flows with aggressive fish. The brass band included with the AF7 2.0 are key to matching water conditions. Should the wind start howling or if you need increased float sensitivity add one of the brass bands included in the package. This will help your casting ability as well as detecting crafty steelhead that other floats won't telegraph.

Now let's assume now you need that ultra- sensitive float for frog water or super finicky high pressured fish. Add the two brass bands included. With this setup if a fish breaths on you offering you will know about it. We use two brass bands 60% of the time but keep in mind, when the float is fully weighted it will give you false takedowns in certain water conditions.

The AF7 2.0 system will blow you away.


Weighted Hand Made & Painted Extremely Durable Foam body High Visibility Paint Perfect Tracking Bobber Stops and Beads Included