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Fishing Floats Collection

Discover a wide selection of fishing floats meticulously crafted to enhance your fishing experience, featuring premium options from Aero-Float and Simon Fishing brands.


Aero-Float  AF-9 Series
Aero-Float AF-9 Series Sale price$4.49
Aero-Float AF-1 Series
Aero-Float AF-1 Series Sale price$4.39
Aero-Float AF-10 Series
Aero-Float AF-10 Series Sale price$4.49
Aero-Float AF-11 Series
Aero-Float AF-11 Series Sale price$4.99
Aero-Float AF-12 Series
Aero-Float AF-12 Series Sale price$4.99
Aero-Float AF-2 Series
Aero-Float AF-2 Series Sale price$4.49
Aero-Float AF-3 Series
Aero-Float AF-3 Series Sale priceFrom $4.59
Aero-Float AF-3 Series -  HIGH VIS
Aero-Float AF-4 Series
Aero-Float AF-4 Series Sale price$5.35
Aero-Float AF-5 Series
Aero-Float AF-5 Series Sale price$5.29
Aero-Float AF-5 Series - HIGH VIS
Aero-Float AF-6 Series
Aero-Float AF-6 Series Sale price$5.35
Aero-Float AF-7 2.0 Series
Aero-Float AF-7 HIGH VIS
Aero-Float AF-7 HIGH VIS Sale price$4.99
Aero-Float AF-8 Series
Aero-Float AF-8 Series Sale price$5.19
Aero-Float Beadmaster
Aero-Float Beadmaster Sale price$4.99
Aero-Float Bobber Doggin
Aero-Float Bobber Doggin Sale price$4.29
Aero-Float Bobber Doggin - HIGH VIS
Aero-Float Bobber Doggin- CHUBBY
Aero-Float Bobber Doggin- CHUBBY - HIGH VIS
Aero-Float Micro Bobber Stops
Aero-Float Micro Bobber Stops Sale priceFrom $2.49
Aero-Float Precision In-Line Sinkers
Aero-Float Silicone Tubing Replacement Kits
Bearing Bead (24ct)
Bearing Bead (24ct) Sale price$3.15
Sapphire Beads (12 ct) - 6 mm
Simon Wobbler Floats- 2.5 inch
Simon Wobbler Floats- 4inch


Delve into our exclusive Aero-Float collection, offering a variety of floats designed for precision and performance in every fishing scenario.

  • Acorn Floats:

    Classic designs perfect for versatile fishing applications.
  • Finesse Floats:

    Sleek and sensitive floats ideal for finesse fishing techniques.
  • Slip Floats:

    Adjustable floats for precise depth control, essential for varying water conditions.
  • Weighted Floats:

    Designed to maintain stability and visibility in choppy waters.
  • Stem Floats:

    Streamlined floats offering minimal resistance and superior casting accuracy.
  • Bobbers:

    Traditional bobbers for easy visual bite detection, ensuring prompt hook sets.
  • Float Accessories:

    Enhance your setup with essential float accessories for seamless fishing sessions.
  • High Vision Floats:

    Vibrant floats featuring UV and fluorescent components for maximum visibility in all lighting conditions.

Simon Fishing

Explore additional float options from Simon Fishing, crafted with innovation and durability to meet the demands of modern anglers.

Whether you're targeting trout in calm streams or walleye in deep lakes, our Floats Collection provides the tools you need for success. Upgrade your fishing gear with our premium floats and experience superior performance on every outing.