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Spin Bait Collection by Simon Fishing

Experience the pinnacle of innovation and performance with Simon Fishing's Spin Bait Collection. Our collection includes the Lighted Simon 3.0 Cut Plug, Lighted Simon 3.0 Spin Dawgs, and Simon Spin Bait Scent, each designed to enhance your fishing success and attract a variety of species with unparalleled effectiveness.


Simon Cut Plug #0
Simon Cut Plug #0 Sale price$10.99
Simon Cut Plug #1 COTTON CANDY
Simon Cut Plug #2  LEMON LIME
Simon Cut Plug #3  COAST GUARD
Simon Cut Plug #4  DOUBLE TROUBLE
Simon Cut Plug #5  CHROME MEXI
Simon Cut Plug #6  GOLD MEXI
Simon Cut Plug #7  COPPER MEXI
Simon Cut Plug #8  ORANGE CRUSH
Simon Cut Plug #9 CHAR-CHOVY
Simon Cut Plug #10  CANDY CORN
Simon Cut Plug #11  BLUE BANDIT
Simon Cut Plug #12  PINK WIDOW
Simon Cut Plug #13  WIDOW MAKER
Simon Cut Plug #14  GRAPE APE
Simon Cut Plug #15  SEA CHICKEN
Simon Cut Plug #16  SHE HAWK
Simon Cut Plug #17  MISTY RIVER
Simon Cut Plug #18  GREEN MACHINE
Simon Cut Plug #19  ROTTEN BANANA
Simon Cut Plug #20 TOXIC NANNER
Simon Cut Plug #21  PINK PANTHER
Simon Cut Plug #22  BABOON BUTT
Simon Cut Plug #23  BLOODY MARY
Simon Cut Plug #24     CAPTAIN AMERICA
Simon Spin Dawg #0
Simon Spin Dawg #0 Sale price$10.99
Simon Spin Dawg #1  COTTON CANDY
Simon Spin Dawg #2  COAST GUARD
Simon Spin Dawg #3 HULA GIRL
Simon Spin Dawg #4  ORANGE CRUSH
Simon Spin Dawg #5  DOUBLE TROUBLE
Simon Spin Dawg #6  SURVIVOR
Simon Spin Dawg #7  SILVER MEXI
Simon Spin Dawg #8 GOLD MEXI
Simon Spin Dawg #9  COPPER MEXI
Simon Spin Dawg #10  BON-CHOVY
Simon Spin Dawg #11  CHOVY
Simon Spin Dawg #11 CHOVY Sale price$10.99
Simon Spin Dawg #12  ROTTEN BANANA
Simon Spin Dawg #13  TOXIC NANNER
Simon Spin Dawg #14  WIDOW-MAKER CHAR
Simon Spin Dawg #15  WIDOW-MAKER PINK
Simon Spin Dawg #16  CANDY CORN
Simon Spin Dawg #17  BABOON BUTT
Simon Spin Dawg #18  BLOODY MARY
Simon Spin Dawg #19  SEA CHICKEN
Simon Spin Dawg #20  SHE-HAWK
Simon Spin Dawg #21  GREEN MACHINE
Simon Spin Dawg #22  MISTY RIVER
Simon Spin Dawg #23  PINK PANTHER
Simon Spin Dawg #24   CAPTAIN AMERICA

Get ready for your next big catch with Simon Spin Bait Products.

Lighted Simon 3.0 Cut Plug

The Lighted Simon 3.0 Cut Plug sets a new standard for cut plug herring lures with its advanced design and versatility.

Enhanced Design:

  • Offers two rigging options.
  • Faster spin rates for increased attraction.
  • Includes a scent chamber and light stick holder for added effectiveness.

Inline Efficiency:

  • Ensures a faster, drag-free roll.
  • Rig through the belly or tail for irresistible action.

Secret to Success:

  • Spin-rate triggers strikes, not the bait inside.
  • Scent chamber with super-concentrated scents for maximum success.

Light Up Your Catch:

  • Powder-based, super-bright light sticks for an irresistible glow, day or night.

Lighted Simon 3.0 Spin Dawgs

Revolutionize your fishing experience with the Lighted Simon 3.0 Spin Dawgs, designed for ultimate performance when trolled behind a 360 Flasher.

Dynamic Action:

  • Mesmerizing darting, rolling, crippled baitfish action triggers predatory instincts of fish.

Scientifically Proven Design:

  • Spin-rate, not the bait inside, prompts strikes.
  • Keeps unpleasant odors off your hands and clothes.

Optimized Performance:

  • Inline, drag-free design ensures a spin-rate identical to Simon 3.5 spinners.

Scent Chamber Technology:

  • Partnered with Pro-Cure Scent Co for an extra-thick, super-concentrated scent line.
  • Scent dissipates slowly when trolled, remaining effective throughout your expedition.

Illuminate Your Success:

  • Powder-based, super-bright light sticks for Great Lakes fisheries, Alaska, and cloudy days.
  • Glow enhances lure's effectiveness, day or night.

Simon Spin Bait Scent

Elevate your fishing game with Simon Fishing's Spin Bait Scent, a collaboration between Pro-Cure and Hawken Fishing for unparalleled scent potency.

Ultimate Potency:

  • Custom blends with extra-thick, super-concentrated formulation.
  • Potent scent trail that lures fish with unmatched effectiveness.

Extended Duration:

  • Unique formulations stay longer in the water.
  • Maximizes your chances of a successful catch.

Irresistible Variety:

  • Range of 7 distinct scents tailored for different fish species and conditions.

Proven Performance:

  • Years of research and development ensure reliable results for anglers.


Why Choose Simon Fishing's Spin Bait Collection?

  • Innovative Design: Our spin baits feature cutting-edge technology and designs that enhance their effectiveness and attractiveness.
  • Superior Scent Technology: Collaborations with industry leaders like Pro-Cure ensure our scents are potent, long-lasting, and highly effective.
  • Unmatched Performance: Our lures and scents are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring maximum performance in various fishing conditions.
  • Versatile Options: From lighted cut plugs to spin dawgs and potent scents, our collection offers versatile options to suit every angler's needs.

Elevate your fishing experience with Simon Fishing's Spin Bait Collection. Discover the perfect blend of innovation, performance, and success in every lure and scent. Shop now and transform your fishing adventures!