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#6 Duo Lock Snap Dark Nickel Hawken Fishing
#6 Duo Lock Snap With Heavy Duty Bearing Swivel
#6 Heavy Duty Bearing Swivel
1/8" Flame Latex Tubing (30")
1/8" Green Tubing (30")
1/8" Green Tubing (30") Sale price$5.35
1/8" Orange Latex Tubing (30")
1/8" Pink Tubing (30")
1/8" Pink Tubing (30") Sale price$5.35
Acrylic Chartreuse Beads (12 ct)
Acrylic Flame Beads (12 ct)
Acrylic Purple Beads (12 ct) - 6 mm
Aero-Float Micro Bobber Stops
Aero-Float Micro Bobber Stops Sale priceFrom $2.49
Aero-Float Precision In-Line Sinkers
Aero-Float Silicone Tubing Replacement Kits
Bearing Bead (24ct)
Bearing Bead (24ct) Sale price$3.15
Clevis - Stirrup Style
Clevis - Stirrup Style Sale price$3.29
EZ Spin Plastic Clevis _ Black
EZ Spin Plastic Clevis _ White
Heavy Duty Wire (12ct)
Heavy Duty Wire (12ct) Sale price$3.99
Neon Pink Beads (12 ct) - 6 mm
Quick Change Metal Clevis
Quick Change Plastic Clevis
Sapphire Beads (12 ct) - 6 mm
Stainless 4- Bead Chain Swivel (6ct)