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Trout Traps - Mini Tube Jigs Collection

Enhance your crappie and trout fishing experience with the Trout Traps Collection. Our premium mini tube jigs are designed for precision, effectiveness, and versatility, making them the perfect choice for anglers targeting these species.


Trout Trap #01  </p>Red White
Trout Trap #01

Red White
Sale price$3.19
Trout Trap #03  </p>Yellow White
Trout Trap #04  </p>Orange Chartreuse
Trout Trap #05  </p>FIRECRACKER
Trout Trap #08  </p>Pearl
Trout Trap #08

Sale price$3.19
Trout Trap #09  </p>Goldfish
Trout Trap #09

Sale price$3.19
Trout Trap #10  </p>Silver Sparkle
Trout Trap #14  </p>Red Clear Sparkle
Trout Trap #16  </p> Pink Lady
Trout Trap #16

Pink Lady
Sale price$3.19
Trout Trap #18  </p>Yellow Measles
Trout Trap #20  </p>Grasshopper
Trout Trap #21  </p>Mean Green Red Flake
Trout Trap #22  </p>Pearl Glow
Trout Trap #23  </p>Outer Limits Silver Sparkle
Trout Trap #24  </p>Orange Glow
Trout Trap #25  </p>White Chartreuse Glow
Trout Trap #31  </p>Mocha
Trout Trap #31

Sale price$3.19
Trout Trap #33  </p>Lemon Lime Pepper
Trout Trap #35  </p>Roe
Trout Trap #35

Sale price$3.19
Trout Trap #37 </p>Silver Shad
Trout Trap #38  </p>Mocha Pepper
Trout Trap #41  </p>Banana Silver Shad
Trout Trap #42  </p>Perchy Pepper
Trout Trap #43  </p>Treefrog
Trout Trap #43

Sale price$3.19
Trout Trap #46  </p>Pumpkinseed
Trout Trap #49</p>Smokey Red Bandit
Trout Trap #51  </p>Peppermint Pearl
Trout Trap #56  </p>Black Widow
Trout Trap #62  </p>Oil Green Metal Flake
Trout Trap #63  </p>Cajun Cricket
Trout Trap #68 </p>Red Chartreuse
Trout Trap #76 </p> Pink Glow
Trout Trap #76

Pink Glow
Sale price$3.19
Trout Trap Stinger #01  </p>Bubblegum
Trout Trap Stinger #02  </p>Pearl Glow
Trout Trap Stinger #03  </p>Pearl Yellow
Trout Trap Stinger #04  </p>Pearl Red
Trout Trap Stinger #05  </p>Pearl Orange
Trout Trap Stinger #06  </p>Pearl Chartreuse
Trout Trap Stinger #07  </p>Natural Grasshopper
Trout Trap Stinger #08  </p>Orange Roe
Trout Trap Stinger #10  </p>Natural Cricket
Trout Trap Stinger #11  </p>Outer Limits Orange
Trout Trap Stinger #12  </p>Outer Limits Chartreuse
Trout Trap Stinger #14  </p>Natural Grub
Trout Trap Stinger #18  </p>Firetail Organge

Trout Traps:

  • Sizes: Available in 1/64 oz and 1/32 oz, perfect for various fishing conditions.
  • Design: These mini tube jigs are crafted for exceptional lifelike action, attracting crappie and trout with ease.
  • Versatility: Ideal for both still water and moving water, offering reliable performance in a variety of fishing scenarios.

Trout Trap Stingers:

  • Purpose: Specifically designed for crappie and trout fishing, these mini tube jigs offer enhanced attraction and effectiveness.
  • Construction: Built with high-quality materials to ensure durability and long-lasting performance.
  • Performance: Excellent for precision casting and targeting fish in both shallow and deep waters.


Why Choose Trout Traps?

Exceptional Quality:

Our jigs are made with premium materials, ensuring durability and superior performance.

Innovative Designs:

The unique design of our mini tube jigs offers lifelike action that attracts crappie and trout.

Wide Range of Sizes:

With options available in 1/64 oz and 1/32 oz, you can choose the perfect size for your fishing needs.

Trusted by Anglers:

Trout Traps is a trusted name among anglers for reliable and effective fishing gear.

Upgrade your tackle box with the Trout Traps Collection and experience the difference that quality and innovation can make. Shop now and get ready for your next fishing adventure!