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Spinner Beads by Simon Fishing

Enhance your fishing rigs with Simon Fishing's vibrant acrylic beads, available in eye-catching colors and versatile sizes. Perfect for creating enticing rigs that attract fish in various conditions, our beads add visibility and appeal to your setups.


Acrylic Chartreuse Beads (12 ct)
Acrylic Flame Beads (12 ct)
Acrylic Purple Beads (12 ct) - 6 mm
Neon Pink Beads (12 ct) - 6 mm
Sapphire Beads (12 ct) - 6 mm

Simon Fishing Acrylic Beads:

Available Sizes:

  • 4mm: Ideal for precision rigging and targeting smaller fish.
  • 6mm: Versatile size suitable for a variety of fishing scenarios.
  • 8mm: Provides maximum visibility and attraction for larger catches.

Vibrant Color:

  • Enhanced Visibility: Adds visibility and attraction to your setups, making your rigs stand out in any water condition.

Perfect for Various Fishing Conditions:

  • Versatility: Suitable for creating enticing rigs tailored to different fishing environments and species.


Why Choose Simon Fishing Spinner Beads?

  • High Visibility: Vibrant chartreuse color ensures your rigs are easily noticed by fish.
  • Versatile Sizes: Available in 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm to suit various fishing needs.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: Made from durable acrylic, these beads enhance the effectiveness of your rigs.