Relentless Angling

Region: Northwest

Joe Knepper and Corey Roberts founded Relentless Angling in 2010 Over the years we have developed four principals.

  • Everyone has to start out somewhere.We want everyone to be stoked to get outside and catching fish, wether its your best friend or your best friends grandma!
  • We aim to inform. From insights on twitching jigs to proper handling of wild steelhead, we love helping people find success on the water!
  • As much as everyone loves the super serious furrowed-brow angler culture, we are out here to have fun. Getting outside with great complany creates great memories, even when the steelhead arent running. 
  • We live for this. We are on the water day in and day out, throwing jigs, flys, spinners or whatever. We love meeting new people who love angling as much as we do.