The Sport Fisher



JD Richey

Region: California & Alaska

(916) 952-1595


This is my's what gets me up (early) every morning!. Even though I have been at this guiding thing full time since 1998, I still get a major rush helping people catch fish. It's just what I do. It's what I was born to do...

| understand you have a choice where you spend your money when you go on a guided trip...and I take that to heart each and every day.

Mix that passion for the sport with my thousands upon thousands of hours of on-the-water time and you've got a pretty potent mixture!

Of course, I'm also US Coast Guard licensed, bonded and insured. 


On a related note, I am hired each year by various state agencies and consulting firms to catch fish such as salmon and striped bass for tagging studies. I have also been a consultant on river restoration projects. 

In addition to guiding, I'm also a staff writer for Salmon Trout Steelheader and Fish Alaska magazines & regularly contribute to several other publications.

I've written many books on fishing and also have my own online fishing magazine,